ESG Services is an Italian Information & Communication Technology which serves medium and large companies, multinationals and public administrations worldwide.

It is a strategic digital transformation partner offering high-tech services to enable the sharing of choices, objectives and results. 

Founded in 2010, ESG Services combined its expertise in IT infrastructure management, in partnership with leading software and hardware manufacturers, with its experience in web tools and mobile applications development.

It provides synergies for an effective integration between software engineering, marketing, security and profitability, networking and communication projects, service desk and customer care, consulting and operations by providing customised solutions.



IT Solution

IoT, Cloud Computing, Unified Communication, Virtualisation of high-tech projects which offer customers strategic support for their business organisation and development.

Software Development

With its vast software technology experience, ESG Services provides answers tailored to the most diverse needs and proposes solutions developed by leading software producers and high-profile open-source projects.

Web Design and Digital Communication

Constructing a site has many variables – aesthetic, technological, functional and content. 
The development team, in cooperation with the digital communication team, implements complete and high-performance web solutions.





ESG Services

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