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Platforms designed to maximise sales

In a web populated with e-commerce sites, to make the difference compared to the competition, it is essential to plan a site that can capture the attention of the public and offer a high-level service to increase consumer loyalty.


ESG Services designs sales platforms primarily considering the company's internal organisation and dedicated resources, to ensure the user the best buying experience and encourage positive feedback.

ESG can configure open source software or create a tailored platform, integrating the management systems already operating in the company and customised web applications, working with the customer even after the launch phase to communicate and manage the project in its entirety. 


Visitators Analisys

To know user behaviour and improve the various features such as customer support, security and privacy dynamics or platform omnichannel.

Digital Marketing

To promote the site through search engines, online campaigns, broadcasting systems and social networks.

Persuasive Copywriting

To write texts which are search engine optimised and can persuade the user to purchase.

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