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Videoing the company business closely

With digital evolution and the increase in quality of network connections, video has become one of the most used tools to provide information, communicate and promote products, services and business initiatives, thanks to its descriptive power and easy-to-use content.


ESG Services follows each video production with a dedicated team which can support the customer including briefing, concept definition, storyboard and final editing. 


Informational, evocative, institutional videos, commercials, drone shooting, interviews and documentaries, video tutorials and backstage shots using the best available equipment, paying maximum attention to the language and the media dissemination channel.


Institutional Video

To tell the company’s story and values or to describe and promote a specific product, service, or event.

Video Tutorial

To easily explain software, systems and procedures to employees, suppliers and customers.


To document conferences, seminars, meetings, team building, product trials and other activities inside or outside the company.

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