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Professional photography for offline and online business communication

A key role is played by photographic images in communication conveyed through the internet. It is a tool that is particularly effective for its immediacy, incisiveness and emotional impact, especially when it is necessary to highlight and enhance the product features.


ESG Services team can provide professional photographic services for every communication need; the skills cover a careful post-production, study and graphic processing: advertising, still life, architecture and interior design, industrial photos, company reportage, events and locations, food, fashion and entertainment, sports, works of art and tourism.


E-commerce & Catalogues

Still-life to describe and promote a product on e-commerce portals and catalogues.


Industrial, event, exhibition, conference photos and company portraits – everything that tells a company’s story.

Tourism, fashion and entertainment

A new tourist destination, a fashion show, concert, festival all convey emotions it is as if we were there.

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