Mobile Marketing

QR Codes and NFC tags are used more and more every day for mobile marketing campaigns or to enhance consumers’ relationships with products. QR Codes and NFC tags actually deliver virtual experiences to be experienced in the real world. When you use QR Codes or NFC tags you open the doors to interaction: your customers can be reached everywhere, even while shopping.

QR Codes and NFC tags mobile marketing can be used in various and diversified manners, so the digital contents you offer your customers are practically boundless. It is possible to plan promotional and/or informative campaigns, competitions, green communication, customer oriented services, trials of products and/or services, visits to selling points… There is no limit to creativity!
Besides, both QR Codes and NFC tags allow you to have real time control of your campaign’s progress, tracking accesses, actions and places. You can monitor your strategy efficiency and your ROI (return on investment).

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